My name is Gerard Mutabazi Amani. I was born in Democratic Republic of Congo and my family left during the Second Congo War as Refugees to Tanzania. The journey further took us through Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa before being resettled to Edmonton, Canada as government-sponsored Refugees 12 years ago. I am a Community Leader who has demonstrated leadership when it comes to social issues in the City of Edmonton. I was the President and Founder of Diaspora African Youth Association (DAYA) where I championed youth unity and involvement in society on issues related to refugees, youth, homelessness and education. Whether it’s with organizations such as, Canadian Red Cross, Action for Health Communities, YESS, Hope Mission, Catholic Social Services, or Homeless Connect, I have dedicated myself to serving Edmontonains over the years. In 2015 I was invited by Canadian Roots Exchange to be part of a Panel at their annual conference titled Bridging the Gap in Winnipeg which focused on how Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians can work together for a better, prosperous and more inclusive Canada. After coming from Winnipeg I helped to organize an event at NAIT in partnership with Canadian Roots Exchange and DAYA where both histories of Indigenous and Black Canadians were highlighted. My love and respect for the First People of this amazing country we call Canada has been one of the driving force in everything that I do. The central question has always been, how can I help to improve the situation? 


My love of humanity and supporting people has taken me on youth and volunteer missions to places such as United States, Kenya, China, Russia, and Israel and the West Bank. In February 2016 I led a DAYA delegation to the United Nations in New York for Youth Assembly. We entered in a Social Venture Competition and we were the only Canadian winning team, among three from around the world. We received a grant from the competition and went on to establish a mentorship program called Youth Empowerment and Integration focusing on refugee and migrant youth, education, volunteer and career opportunities. In September of 2016 I was invited by the Canadian government to be part of its delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in New York and attend a High-Level meeting with world leaders which focused on the Global Refugee Crisis. I hold a Bachelors of Business Administration and Masters of International Relations. I believe in the power of education for the transformation of one’s life, societies and nations. When it comes to community, one of my favorite quotes is by Mother Teresa which says, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

My purpose has always been to serve humanity and improve their livelihood in everything that I do. Whether it’s employment, volunteering on the frontlines, leading events, moderating or speaking at events, I am always driven by the desire to transform people’s lives and build a better, inclusive, and prosperous Edmonton for all. It is for these reasons why I have decided to run for City Council in the City of Edmonton 2021 Municipal Elections for Ward Dene also known as Ward 4. I’m grateful for the work that I have done over the years and humbled by the countless lives I’ve touched near and far but I believe that the work has just started

Given the opportunity to serve the residents of Ward Dene and wider Edmonton on the City Council, everyday my driving question will be, how can I help to improve the situation? 

  • As someone who knows what it’s like to go to bed hungry, it breaks my heart seeing the homeless population.

  •  As someone who has lived in social housing, it breaks my heart to see that people are having the challenge to afford rent, pay bills or put food on the table. 

  • As someone who has waited for the bus for about an hour whether in the middle of winter or another season, I’ve always wondered how best to improve the service. 

  • As someone who has taken upon himself to learn about the history of this land and how best to respect and build relations with Indigenous people, I always share the knowledge with fellow Canadians and help to build bridges. 

  • I have always supported local businesses and non-profit organizations in transforming lives and our beautiful City of Edmonton. 

The social and economical capacities of Ward Dene can be maximized through the knowledge and advocacy that I have done throughout the years. Thank you very much for your support in advanced.